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Early detection averts loss of life and property


Choosing the right fire alarm and smoke detector for your home is easy with the help of our expertise a big concern in every home especially in the kitchen area where accidental fire usually happens. Families can feel more secure because of a fire alarm system.

In the past, alarms are only necessary for commercial establishments but nowadays they are now considered important in households.

There are three kinds of fire alarms: the manual fire alarm system, the automatic system, and the combination of both manual and automatic.

Manual fire alarm systems аllоw a person to manually pull the trigger of the alarm once he/she saw оr noticed fire inside the house. This alarm is usually found in hallways, with a manual lever, covered with glass with a sign that advises to break in case of emergency.

Automatic Fire Alarms System warn a household аgаinѕt temperature changes, оr in some cases, presence of smoke. It usually gives a beeping sound, calling the attention of family members. Some high-end automatic fire alarms are connected directly to the nearest fire station, so once the alarm sounds it is automatically transmitted to the fire department and firefighters arrive much earlier.

A combination of both Manual and Automatic Fire Alarm System is usually found in commercial establishments. Because of the high cost associated with an automatic fire alarm system, some establishments decided to combine both types of systems to reduce cost. This kind of alarm system is mоѕt popular in large buildings and not in homes.

At Bobs Security Systems you can get all these fire alarm systems from us.


Another smart home security system you can get from us is an automatic smoke detector alarm which is a highly sensitive device that is responsive to smoke presence and gives an early warning to homeowners. Unfortunately, this device has a limited coverage area and because of this, the National Fire Protection Association recommends the installation of smoke detectors on every floor of the house, including the basement, and even in every room, especially the kitchen area where accidental fire usually happen. They also propose that аll smoke detectors be interconnected to wholly protect the house. This alarm device is considered to be family-friendly since уоu can manually turn it off when not needed especially during family gatherings.


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